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Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery Operate with Confidence

With cost considerations, time restraints, patient recovery time and optimized outcomes all at play, it's no surprise that mobile imaging has become the tool of choice for orthopedic and trauma surgeons in the drive to restore patients' lives with minimal tissue damage.

Learn more about the Siemens Healthineers portfolio of imaging systems, featuring mobile 2D and 3D options designed for orthopedic / trauma surgery. 

Cios Flow

Designed to help make procedures more straight-forward and efficient, the Cios Flow 2D mobile c-arm assists you in your daily routine while also supporting multidisciplinary utilization, with:

  • High-end features such as the CMOS flat detector help ensure high image quality and facilitate the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) dose principles. 
  • SpotAdapt and touch gestures to simplify workflows, while Cios OpenApps continuously expands your system capabilities.
  • A lightweight, slim, non-compromising design for particularly easy positioning and integrated cyber security to protect patient data as well as the system itself.

Cios Portfolio Siemens Healthineers Cios Spin

From placing screws and wires to assessing joints with complex anatomies, 3D imaging can help to confirm accurate implantation and visualize details in an additional plane, which may result in fewer post-operative surgical revisions and time savings.1

When there's no room for error, there's the Cios Spin. With 2D and 3D imaging from a single mobile platform, the Cios Spin can seamlessly integrate into any clinical routine, delivering quality assurance through intraoperative confirmation, for full control over your procedures.

Intraoperative Correction Rates following 3D Scan 2-11


Proximal humerus


Distal Radius







Intraoperative 3D imaging White Paper

Learn more about the limitations of conventional 2D imaging, and how intraoperative 3D imaging can help improve outcomes, increase patient safety, and reduce post-operative revision surgeries. 

The advantages of Cios Spin in craniomaxillofacial surgery

Watch as Dr. Alexander Schramm discusses his experience using the Cios Spin for primary trauma repair in craniomaxillofacial (CMF) surgery.

The advantages of Cios Spin in orthopedic trauma surgery

Dr. Jochen Franke shares how 3D imaging can be easily incorporated in orthopedic trauma surgery with the Cios Spin, and how associated reductions in post-operative CT scans and revision surgeries can save both money and time.

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