epoc® - a handheld blood testing solution

When every moment counts, keep actionable care at the bedsideHold onto your point-of-care metabolic panel and blood gas testing with the epoc® Blood Analysis System.

In life’s most critical moments, your determination to find not just any solution, but the right solution for your patients, your staff, and your lab makes all the difference.

We truly understand the impact a change in your point-of-care testing can have on the care you deliver.

The epoc Blood Analysis System provides caregivers with the critical and actionable test results they need in less than one minute at the patient-side. With it, you can:

Obtain reliable results in less than one minute to manage signs and symptoms of sepsis

You need to support a fast, accurate workflow and that means maintaining your patient-side sepsis protocols. In less than one minute, you have the power to run a full panel of tests, including blood gases, a metabolic panel, hematocrit, and lactate—the answers you need to rule-in or rule-out the number one hospital-acquired infection.

Accelerate treatment decisions and minimize sampling for effective neonatal care

Neonatal patient care often depends on the use of capillary samples collected from the tiniest of patients.* Leverage capillary sampling to reduce time to result by eliminating unnecessary steps that may lead to delays and limit risks associated with labelling and transport. And with one test card, you can perform just one blood draw instead of multiple draws for your neonatal patients.

Make care more efficient with 13 tests on one card and zero refrigeration

This is real, cost-effective inventory management. With a full menu on a single, room temperature-stable card that is bar-coded for quality assurance, the epoc system supports a more efficient and easy-to-manage patient-side testing program.

No matter what challenge you face now or in the future, Siemens Healthineers is committed to helping you deliver outcomes that matter to your patients—in point-of-care, laboratory diagnostics, and diagnostic imaging.
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