Surgery in hybrid OR: Joining forces for better care

Learn how the unique hybrid operating room setting at Hospital da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal allows for better collaboration between surgeons of different disciplines, how that impacts the treatment of patients ... and what surfing has to do with it.
Andrea Lutz
Published on 21. August 2023

“In surgery, it’s the best feeling to get a great result. And a great result means resecting a tumor completely, clipping an aneurysm perfectly, and having the patient wake up and being completely normal,” says Domingos Coiteiro, MD, Head of Neurology at Hospital da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Entrance building of Hospital da Luz

About Hospital da Luz, Lisbon

By Andrea Lutz
Andrea Lutz is a journalist and business trainer specialized on medical topics, technology, and healthcare IT. She lives in Nuremberg, Germany.