SOMATOM X.ceed with myExam Companion

with myExam Companion 

Intelligent imaging. Exceeding excellence. 


As the number and complexity of radiological procedures increases, demands on staff are reaching unsustainable levels. This continues to impact consistent image quality. Although our advanced CT scanners have the potential to expand precision medicine, too often this potential remains untapped – especially in challenging clinical situations such as emergency imaging and advanced CT interventions.

Emergency imaging with SOMATOM X.ceed
Emergency imaging

Emergency imaging

In 2019, 39% of all CT procedures were performed on an emergency basis.*

* IMV (2019): CT Market Outlook Report.

Cardiac CT with SOMATOM X.ceed

Cardiac CT

Cardiac CT

From 2011 to 2019, CTAs increased by 13%, while other cardiac procedures more than doubled, from 1.4 to 3.0 m.*

* IMV (2019): CT Market Outlook Report.

CT interventions with SOMATOM X.ceed



Almost half of sites in the USA performed at least three CT-guided interventions per day.*

* IMV (2019): CT Benchmark Report 2019.

SOMATOM X.ceed is a high-resolution, high-speed, low-dose CT scanner with the category-best imaging chain. With the unique guidance of myExam Companion and myNeedle Companion it enables excellent clinical decisions in the most challenging clinical situations – and elite performance of CT and personnel. Find out how you can expand precision medicine and improve patient experience with SOMATOM X.ceed.

SOMATOM X.ceed exceeds excellence in computed tomography with:

Features & Benefits

FAST 3D Camera

myExam Companion

myNeedle Companion

Vectron® X-ray tube

GO technologies

Large 82 cm bore

Multi-purpose patient table

Low kV imaging and Tin Filter

StellarInfinity detector

Mobile Workflow

VPI and Patient Observation Camera

    Easier navigation with myExam Companion and SOMATOM X.ceed

    myExam Companion

    No matter the user, patient, or throughput, our Companions guide users through even time-critical procedures, including emergencies and CT interventions. This helps them interact easily, naturally, and precisely with both patient and technology.

    Further highlights at a glance

    Read and scan in parallel

    myExam Satellite  

    Read and scan in parallel

    Film, create results, or read on a myExam Satellite client while work continues uninterrupted at the scanner.

    Automated assistance for accurate triage

    Brain Hemorrhage2

    Automated assistance for more accurate triage of hemorrhagic cases

    Helps spot bleeding and prioritize a non-contrast scan by detecting and flagging up suspected intracranial hemorrhage.

    Unfolded, ready-to-read CT images

    Skull Unfolding  

    Skull fractures and surface hematomas at a glance

    Automatically displays the whole skull and brain surface in fewer unfolded ready-to-read images on one screen.

    Data sets are automatically loaded in dedicated layouts

    Trauma Layouts3

    Fast and tidy data access in ED

    Trauma data sets are automatically filed and loaded in dedicated layouts according to the anatomical region.

    New way to operate your CT scan machine

    Mobile Workflow

    A whole new way to operate the scanner

    Stay close to patients and keep an eye on them even when they are inside the gantry. Operate the scanner efficiently. And position every patient accurately with the FAST 3D Camera.

    More control, less miscommunication

    In-room control

    More control, less miscommunication

    Interact with the software and system via easy-to-learn no-look tablet gestures, the i-joystick, and a full-size in-room monitor.

    Simplify planning and guiding needle procedures

    myNeedle Guide

    Simplify planning and guiding needle procedures

    myNeedle Guide 2D and 3D support planning, navigation, and monitoring basic in-plane or double-angulated procedures.

    Fully integrated lasers

    myNeedle Laser

    Powerful, fully integrated option

    Automatic projection of the needle entry point and insertion angle, even in advanced double-angulated procedures with multiple needle paths.

    Large 82 cm bore is ideal for obese patients

    Extra room to accommodate even the most challenging patients

    A more natural communication with patients and our Mobile Workflow help patients relax and ease tension or anxiety – in combination with the large bore and enhanced accessibility of the new multi-purpose table.

    Enhance patient comfort with a large bore
    Large 82 cm bore

    Extra room

    The extra space helps enhance patient comfort even for obese patients, allows easy positioning of patients with reduced mobility, and offers more space for interventional procedures.

    Ring and funnel mood lights

    Impression of a bigger space

    The lights create a comfortable environment and entertain your little patients. The scanner funnel lights also create the impression of a bigger space.

    Easy-to-follow instructions
    Visual Patient Instruction

    Easy-to-follow visual instructions

    The intuitive color-coded Visual Patient Instruction (VPI) helps patients comply easily with breath-hold commands and ease the scanning procedure for hearing-impaired patients.

    Shui: one user interface across modalities

    Shui – one user interface across modalities

    myExam Companion, myNeedle Companion, and Shui® – the design system of Siemens Healthineers – provide users with common interfaces across multiple modalities. Combined with our digital solutions, they can help you redefine and standardize protocols across your institution, optimizing clinical workflow, staffing schedules, results, and productivity.

    Clinical Use

    While most CT systems excel in power, scan speed, spatial resolution, or temporal resolution, they compromise at least one of the other metrics. SOMATOM X.ceed benchmarks the category with an optimal combination of high temporal and spatial resolution, power, and scan speed designed to master the most challenging clinical situations at low dose. myExam Companion offers radiology teams automated guidance throughout. The result? Elite performance of both CT and personnel.

    1. Coronary CTA

      High native temporal resolution based on the 0.25-sec. rotation time, which sets a new benchmark in single-source CT  

      Coronary CTA 
      HR: 74 bpm
      70 kV
      CTDIvol: 7.7 mGy
      DLP: 131 mGy*cm

    Technical Details

    X-ray tube

    Vectron® X-ray tube


    StellarInfinity detector

    Number of acquired slices


    Spatial resolution

    UHR Mode: 0.4 mm reconstructions (31.1 lp/cm in x/y direction; 23 lp/cm in z direction; +/-10% at 2% MTF)

    Rotation time

    down to 0.25 s

    Native temporal resolution

    down to 125 ms 

    Generator power

    120 kW

    Max. scan speed

    261 mm/s

    Max. mA (70, 80, 90 kV)

    1,300 mA

    Gantry opening

    82 cm

    Gantry cooling


    Table load

    307 kg / 676 lbs

    Installation space

    One room concept < 17 m2 / 183 ft2 (Subject to local regulations. Safety distances must be checked according to country-specific requirements.)

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