Digital Twin

What is a digital patient twin?

In healthcare, the digital patient twin is being researched and developed for specific organs like the heart and liver. But what, in fact, is a digital patient twin? Let's look into what this could be, and which applications contribute to its concept.

10 min
Peter Aulbach
Published on 21. März 2023

There are several concepts of digital twins currently being used in healthcare. One central approach is digital patient twins: With their help, doctors are increasingly able to better predict how a person ages, when illnesses appear, what course they take, and what the most effective treatment is. 

The added value of digital patient twins

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Patient twinning – the future of healthcare
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Patient twinning – the future of healthcare
Find out what a patient twin is, how it can be created, and what benefits it could offer both patients and medical practitioners. You’ll also learn more about the cloud-based software, Noona, which can be seen as a first step towards a disease-focused version of the digital twin, and how it is used by cancer patients as their 24/7 companion on their journey.

By Peter Aulbach