Digital Twin

Modeling the human liver

Colleague Chloé Audigier is developing a digital twin of the liver. We met up with her to get some insights into this project and learn more about Chloé’s motivation to come to work every day.
Romy Albrecht
Published on December 20, 2022

Picture of Chloé Audigier

Changing the way of providing care

Creating a digital twin

Utilizing math and computational modeling to create better healthcare

Digital twins in cancer care
Digital twins in cancer care
Find out how digital twins could transform the entire cancer care path – from early detection to treatment and follow-up care. You’ll also learn how a digital twin of an organ is created. And you’ll hear what digital twin technology could mean for patients, clinicians, and the future of oncology.

Romy Albrecht
Romy Albrecht
By Romy Albrecht
Romy Albrecht is a digital editor and multimedia content creator at Siemens Healthineers, specializing in technology and innovation topics.