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A breast cancer patient is rarely fighting alone

Why breast cancer prevention is critical and why it’s so important to find your own individual path in cancer treatment.

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Early detection

How to improve your chances

Time is the most important factor

Breast cancer in women

COVID-19 should not stop anyone from getting checked

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Improving access to breast care with mobile screenings and AI
Healthcare Perspectives
Improving access to breast care with mobile screenings and AI
Learn about what breast cancer screening entails and the barriers stopping women from being screened. You’ll also find out about mobile mammography trucks and the problems they are solving. Additionally, you’ll hear about the role that artificial intelligence (AI) can play in improving the diagnostic process.

Individual treatment

Breast cancer pathway circle

Christian Weissenberger

A closer look at modern mammography

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Alexander Büttner

Therapy will continue to evolve

Christian Weissenberger, MD, from Breast Center Südbaden takes a look at the future. In his opinion, radiation therapy will be an essential part of breast care therapy tomorrow, and it will continue to evolve to become even more precise.