Access to care

Discover how radiology helps improve care in developing nations

Extending medical knowledge to underserved regions – hear in our latest podcast episode more about the role that radiology and artificial intelligence play in this development.

3 min
Published on July 20, 2021

Economic disparities are an unfortunate reality of today’s world. Non-profit organizations such as Radiology Across Borders were founded to fill gaps in healthcare service coverage and help improve health outcomes across the globe.

Christoph Zindel

MRI at 50: The past, present, and future of a high-end imaging technology
32 min
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has played a big role in shaping the healthcare industry’s approach to detection, monitoring, and tracking of medical conditions. Since its invention in the 1970s, a lot of improvements have been made to increase its performance and accessibility. As the industry continues to digitalize, we can expect more changes that will make MRIs more powerful and efficient.

Integrated diagnostics and the collaborative future of medicine with Prof. Dr. Stefan Schönberg | Christoph Zindel
30 min
One of the biggest beneficiaries of technological advancements has been the field of medicine. While vaccines to stop previous pandemics took decades to develop, multiple COVID-19 vaccines were developed within a much shorter time frame. Increased collaboration between players in the industry and those in the tech world promises even more advancements in the near future.