Artificial Intelligence

When COVID-19 strikes, we learn from the traces 

Leading AI scientist Bogdan Georgescu and his team have developed an algorithm that could greatly benefit clinicians in future by helping them to assess COVID-19 severity and progression.

Andrea Lutz
Published on 11. Februar 2021

Hot on the trail of COVID-19: Working with collaborators from around the world, a team began developing an algorithm that helps to evaluate changes in lung tissue. Read about how scientists reached a significant milestone during the pandemic.

Putting the “AI” in aiding clinical decisions

How does artificial intelligence “know” what to do?

AI scientist Bogdan Georgescu

A tracker in a data jungle

What role does CT imaging play in diagnosing COVID-19?

Image of the lung

An international team at a virtual conference table

Supercomputer "Sherlock"

Tremendous computing power is essential

United against the pandemic

A prototype in record time

Putting the prototype to the acid test


The intelligent CT pneumonia analysis2

From crisis comes opportunity

Automated quantification is just the beginning

One more thing

By Andrea Lutz
Andrea Lutz is a journalist and business trainer specialized on medical topics, technology, and healthcare IT. She lives in Nuremberg, Germany.