Dr. Bernd Montag

When ancient cartographers wanted to mark a region as unknown, they drew monsters into it. Today, we know how to get from A to B safely. Digitalization has made it easier for us to travel around the planet. Bernd Montag is convinced: Digital tools and artificial intelligence will also improve our individual journey to health and make medicine more human.

First-quarter results and analyst call
February 2, 2023
Fourth-quarter results and analyst call
November 9, 2022, 08.30 – 09.45 am (CET)

The conference call for analysts and investors was broadcast live via audio webcast.

12. Deutsches Wirtschaftsforum
11/03/2022, 2:40 pm (CET)
Frankfurt, Germany
Under the motto “Germany and the turn of the times: Toward a Sovereign Future” will be held this year’s renowned Deutsche Wirtschaftsforum discusses the most important economic and social issues of our time. Bernd Montag will be in a Fireside Chat on ”Healthcare for all - through technical progress”.