Cancer: How AI architects are constructing the future of radiotherapy

A quantum leap in cancer treatment? Artificial intelligence (AI) could optimize the planning process for radiation therapy and reduce waiting times for patients from weeks to just hours. Read how concept designer Fernando Vega and team aim to achieve this goal – in part seven of our #Futureshaper series.

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Katja Gäbelein
Published on July 10, 2023

Whether waiting for an appointment with a specialist physician, or for medication that you've ordered, or to finally hear your name called in the waiting room: long waits for medical care – or anything, really – are annoying. In some cases, though, waiting can prove life-threatening. This is the case when cancer patients have to wait to begin radiation therapy that they urgently need.

A close-up photo of part of Fernando Vega's face, showing a section of his glasses, one eye, and part of his nose against a light-blue background.

Slightly low-angle portrait shot of Fernando Vega taken from the side. Orange-colored ceiling lighting is visible in the background, slightly out of focus.

Step 1: The patient consultation

Step 2: Imaging for radiation therapy treatment planning

Step 3: Preparing the radiation treatment plan

Courtesy of Radiologische Allianz, Hamburg, Germany

Contouring – a complex step

Stuck in a holding position

Automated dose calculation

Whole body photo of Fernando Vega from a bird's-eye view. He stands with his arms folded across his chest, smiling as he looks upward. Strikingly patterned tiled flooring can be seen in the background. A quotation from Vega is overlayed across the image: "For me, it's a dream come true that I have the privilege to help work on these solutions."

Step 4: The radiation treatment

Coming soon: less waiting – thanks to AI?

High-precision therapy for patients

A big task for a big team

By Katja Gäbelein

Katja Gäbelein works as an editor in corporate communications at Siemens Healthineers, and specializes in technology and innovation topics. She writes for text and film media. 

Assistant editor: Guadalupe Sanchez